Roaster in Focus: Beagle Coffee Company

“We are on an honest search to not only craft the perfect cup of coffee, but to catalog our progress and findings so that others can do the same.” – Derrick Wessels


Like the dog breed itself, Beagle Coffee Company owners Derrick Wessels & Evan Beyers know a few things about the thrill of the hunt.

It’s a story with humble beginnings. In college, Derrick became deeply involved in the coffee scene, fulfilling roasted coffee requests for friends as a hobby. As the orders increased, so too did his curiosity, visiting cafes to expose his palate to new discoveries.

Along the way, Derrick developed the ability to detect subtle flavor nuances. This was largely thanks to the careful notation of each prior coffee experience. The freedom to choose what he wanted – and what was interesting – gave shape to his knowledge, passion, and preference. These values personify Beagle Coffee Company’s mission: to expose coffee for what is truly is by tasting coffee side-by-side.

The search continues, yet the journey reaps the rewards. Derrick and Evan are making craft coffee accessible through transparency, and we’re excited to share the fruits of their labor.


Through the end of October, Visions is proud to showcase four unique coffees from Beagle Coffee Company:

  • Colombia Narino Obraje – plum, lemon, roasted tomato, raspberry, and bakers chocolate. Full and tart.
  • Yirgacheffe Natural – Koke Honey – peachy, honeysuckle, soft blackberry, and bergamot.
  • Guatemala Ceiba – Huehuetenango – classic all-day drinker. Lemon, cola, straight cane sugar, lingering notes of woody tree bark.
  • Nicaragua La Bastilla Blueberry Candy – blueberry cotton candy, dark chocolate, lime-like acidity, and soft earthiness.

All four are now available at our showroom in SoDo.

You can also sample them as brewed coffee at select multi-roasters in the Pacific Northwest (details forthcoming as they become available).

We also have a couple exciting events planned through October that you won’t want to miss. The first is a free public tasting at the Visions showroom on Wednesday, Oct. 11. We’ll experiment with modulating acidity in brewed coffee; more details to come in our next blog post.

Our second event is a surprise, but we know it’ll be happy to see you. 🐶

Be sure to follow Beagle Coffee Company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, & follow Visions for upcoming details and features!

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