Visions In Focus Roaster: 9 Bar

“What matters most is taste, flavor and balance.” – Corey Schmidt, owner.

We couldn’t agree more Corey. This October, Visions welcomes Vancouver, WA based 9 Bar Espresso Coffee Roasters to the showroom! This family owned and operated company sources the finest coffees on the planet and offers whole bean medium roast, dark roast, decaffeinated espresso and select single origin offerings. 9 Bar focuses on continuing to grow their business with their local community in mind.

9 Bar’s Tatu blend, big & juicy with a citrus finish and Union blend, balanced and sweet, are both available for just $15 a bag. Come by Visions today while supplies last!



Visions In Focus: 5 lb Revolution Natural Cafe Cleaner


Our beloved 5 lb Revolution Cafe Cleaner is back after popular demand! Revolution’s very own specially formulated natural cleaner has been tested, tried & true to dissolve and remove coffee oil build-up that occurs on portafilters, group heads and group valves. The concentrated, biodegradable, highly effective formula is great for cleaning carafes, airpots and coffee urns too! Enjoy free shipping for a limited time, visit our website for details.

Visions In Focus: Revolution Diner Mugs

Behold the Revolution Diner Mug collection: a curated line of mugs in four stunning colors and classic diner styling. Sturdy and durable, these timeless mugs will keep your beverages hot and your customers happy. Order a case today to be ready for the fall season! For a limited time, Visions is offering free shipping for Revolution Diner Mugs. Visit our website for details.



Visions In Focus Roaster: Alchemy

We are proud to feature Seattle based roaster Alchemy Fine Coffees as our In Focus Roaster for the month of August.  Drawing from their passion and experience as some of the finest craftsman of wood furniture, Alchemy takes their taste-making abilities into the coffee roasting arena.  Alchemy sources some of the finest coffees on the planet and roasts them in a fluid bed style machine for optimal balance of roast and origin.
All of Alchemy’s coffees are available for just $15 a bag, a great buy considering they purchase some of the finest seasonal coffees available to mankind.

Visions In Focus Roaster: Variety Coffee

Variety Coffee Roasters is our latest Visions In Focus Roaster. You may have seen their coffee at our booth at SCAA in Atlanta this year! Variety got it’s start in 2008 with a team of extremely talented and passionate coffee professionals. Elliot from Variety says “With an ever-increasing dedication quality, our endeavor is to ethically source the world’s rarest and most unique green coffees. Working hand in hand with producers, we continually strive towards providing you with a precision roasted perfect cup.” Get a taste of the east coast at our Seattle showroom.



Peru San Fernando:
This certified organic coffee is grown by various small producers in the Cusco province of Peru. The typica and caturra varietals are brought to the San Fernando co-operative for processing. Their fully washed process includes an 18-22 hour fermentation in concrete tanks and 8-10 hours of drying on patio. This ultra sweet coffee is accompanied by a wonderfully rich body.

Panda Out

Hey everyone, Panda here. This unfortunately will be my last post for Visions. I’ve recently taken a job as the Head of Coffee with Walter’s Coffee Roastery here in Brooklyn NYC. This past year has been amazing and Visions has been a big part of that. I moved to New York City last June. I moved without a job and jumped into the city feet first. A few days after my move Visions called me up and offered me a job as their Marketing & Brand Manager. Obviously I took it.

This was my first remote job so I was a little nervous about workflow and if I’d feel like I was a part of the team. Lucky for me the entire team at Visions took me in with open arms. Even when we had staff meetings and I attended via Google hangout they made me feel like I was really there. This sense of camaraderie is what makes the Visions team so great!

I was able to attend a lot of amazing coffee events for Visions this year. East Coast Coffee Madness in Montreal, USBC qualifiers in Kansas City, SCAA in Atlanta, and a whole bunch here in NYC are just a few. We also helped support local coffee events like NW Space Agency here in Seattle, TNTNYC, and The League of Lattes in Indiana. We reconnected and forge new relationships along the way.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of a team with such a rich history in the coffee industry. Visions is led by a group of coffee professionals that not only provide the best service but also educate and support the community. It’s going to be hard to leave this team but I’ll always keep in touch.

Signing out,

Michael “Panda” Fernandez
Marketing & Brand Manager
Visions Espresso Services

Hello everyone, Panda here with a photo recap of TNTNYC at City of Saints.

Last week City of Saints in Brooklyn opened up their roastery and cafe space for TNTNYC! A huge crowd gathered for the the free pizza, free beer, and of course latte art. Latte art is pretty amazing but so are the people who show up to these events which is why I decided to low-key shoot a few candid portraits of the crowd. Thanks to all the sponsors and to @newyorkblackcoffee & TNT_NYC for the additional shots.

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ALL THE PRIZES – Photo credit: IG @newyorkblackcoffee

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Kaileigh Mulligan (R) took 1st and Jenna G. 2nd (L) Photo credit: TNTNYC

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Kaileigh Mulligan’s winning pour on the right. Photo credit: TNTNYC

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Lanny Huang – City of Saints

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Kaileigh Mulligan – Counter Culture Coffee

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Nicholas Moers – Devocion Coffee

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Mikey D of Unic and Lou Barba of Nuova Simonelli, both TNTNYC sponsors! 

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Bill McAllister – Irving Farm Coffee

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City of Saints has some rad packaging!

Visions is a proud sponsor of TNT_NYC and the global coffee community at large. We love sponsoring barista events so if you’ve got an upcoming event you need prizes or help with send an email to

TNTNYC at City of Saints, Brooklyn