Roaster in Focus: Upper Left Roasters

“Overall, our goal is to create an enriching experience. We wish that whether customers are making a quick coffee stop in the cafe, meeting to eat with old friends, or drinking our offerings at home that they will be energized and eased.” -Chris Alspach, Upper Left Roaster / Green Buyer

Born and raised in the Portland food & beverage scene, Upper Left co-owner Katherine Harris is well versed in the specialty coffee world. Having been trained early on by Stumptown and inspired by lovely experiences at Blue Bottle in the Bay Area during her college years and beyond, Katherine’s interest in coffee roasting & cafe ownership blossomed into the business model we see today.

One step inside the beautiful Upper Left space and you will understand Katherine’s creative vision: “As for the space, I noticed a common design theme in Portland coffee shops, which was incorporating dark tones…I wanted to go the opposite direction and create something light and bright.” Situated in the upper left quadrant of the Ladd’s Addition neighborhood in SE Portland, Upper Left Roasters prides itself on offering a beautiful space for its customers to enjoy, and serving some of Portland’s most delicious coffee and food.

Upper Left’s coffee menu covers a vast territory with fruit forward single origins primarily from Africa intended for pour over, single origins from Colombia and Guatemala for a balanced and reliable drip brew, and an espresso blend that follows traditions in blending and roasting to highlight chocolatey sweet flavors.

Through November and into December, Visions is excited to showcase three delicious coffees from Upper Left Roasters:

  • Mexico Agua De Oro – Plum and wild strawberry with chocolate chips and honey. “Pairs well with woolen mittens or black Wayfarers, road trips or staycations.”
  • Colombia Dulima – Strong dark cocoa, peach and winey notes.
  • Ethiopia & Brazil Enguree Blend – Nutty, fruity character coupled with chocolate. “…a slow dance between two well acquainted partners…this pairing elevates both and creates something new, a coffee that is stunningly sweet and full bodied, and always principled without being fussy.”

All three offerings are available from our showroom in Seattle. Don’t miss our free public tasting at the Visions showroom on Wednesday, November 15th! Stay tuned as well for our next social media contest; residents of the upper left portion of the U.S. will certainly enjoy this one.

Be sure to follow Upper Left Roasters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, & follow Visions for upcoming details and features!

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