Visions In Focus Roaster: Tinker Coffee Co.

“Tinker Coffee Co. was born from a simple idea: amazing coffee should be available and accessible, not pretentious and intimidating.” – Stephen Hall, Co-Founder

This month we welcome Indianapolis based Tinker Coffee Company to the showroom! Focusing their efforts on roasting some of the best coffees in the world, co-founders and brothers-in-law Jeff Johnson & Stephen Hall promote the educational side of specialty coffee and hope to show people just how fun and delicious a perfect cup of coffee can be. Jeff and Stephen’s drive to educate is done so by offering guided weekly cupping classes in their roasting facility to help introduce and educate the community on coffee roasting and how Tinker implements their roast profiles.

Tinkers’s sweet & bright Kenya Peaberry finishes with concord grape & black currant and is one of our personal favorites! Also, don’t miss the aromatic notes of amaretto in their Guatemala El Limonar Bourbon and Caturra. These coffees plus other varietals are for sale in our showroom now. Come by Visions today while supplies last!



Visions In Focus Roaster: Spotted Cow

Spotted Cow Coffee is a hidden gem just outside of Seattle in Mill Creek Town Center. They have an extraordinary coffee program, an amazing selection of gelato & ice cream, and coffee legend Maxwell Mooney is on staff. We’re super stoked to have them as our hometown Visions in Focus Roaster this month!

hart coffee

Our shelves are stocked with Spotted Cow’s seasonal Farmhouse Espresso. The blend consists of  Gelana Abaya, a grade 1 natural from Ethiopia, 30% Finca Zacamitla a Mexican coffee from Veracruz, and 30% Cerro Azul, a washed Costa Rican coffee.
Tasting notes: Plum, Blueberry Jam, Chocolate, Syrupy Body

Visions In Focus Roaster: Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee is a small Washington roaster making a big splash! They’re less than a year old and you can already find them at fine dining legends Canlis as well as coffee heavy hitters like Analog Coffee (Seattle) and Go Get Em Tiger (L.A.) and for a limited time Visions. Camber’s team consists of Tony’s Coffee alums David Yake, Andrew Bowman, and Todd Elliott. Jordan Michelman at Sprudge.Com wrote a beautiful piece on the Camber origin story that you should absolutely check out.

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Our shelves are stocked with three amazing selections from Camber:

grapefruit, bergamot, apricot
Heirloom Varietals | Fully-Washed | 1900 MASL

raspberry, lemon verbena, grape
SL-28, SL-34 | Nyeri District | Fully-Washed

plum, raw honey, green grape
Caturra, Typica, Variedad Colombia | Inza, Cauca | Mixed Small Farm Lots | Fully-Washed

Visions In Focus Roaster: Blue Flame Coffee

Our latest roaster comes from the sunny shores of Huntington Beach, CA. Blue Flame Coffee is a revived brand with roots that go all the way back to the 1890’s. They source the best coffee they can find from East Africa, Central and South America, and the South Pacific to name a few. Blue Flame is dedicated to building lasting relationships while providing every part of the coffee chain the respect it deserves.

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We have two whole bean options for you to choose from. The first is the Signature blend which is a mixture of  Indonesian & African coffees that create notes of tropical fruit and bittersweet chocolate. Secondly we have Blue Flame’s Espresso Blend a mix of Guatemala, Huehuetenango & Colombia, Tolima. You’ll find lots of chocolate and toasted almond in this beautiful espresso. Pick up your fresh beans the next time you visit our showroom.

Visions In Focus Roaster: Hart Coffee

Seattle’s self proclaimed “garage born” coffee roaster Hart is the newest addition to our Visions In Focus program! Usually you have to trek to the Northeast neighborhood of Bryant to get your hands on this tasty coffee but for a limited time you can stop by our Seattle showroom to get your fix.

hart coffee (1)

This was one of the first Ethiopian coffees that Hart was able to taste of the 2015-2016 crop and they loved it! It’s a washed heirloom varietal coffee from the Oromia sub-district of Limu. The floral aromatics, understated acidity and big sweetness elevate this from just your “classic” washed Ethiopia to a true experience. We’re so happy to share this beautiful coffee with you at our Seattle Showroom.

Visions In Focus Roaster: Novo Coffee

It’s time for a new Visions In Focus roaster! We have a limited supply of Denver’s very own Novo Coffee that you can purchase directly from our Seattle showroom. Novo operates three retail locations in Denver that showcase full menus of custom seasonal drinks, Single Origin Espressos, Nitro Cold Brew, Beer, Wine and Spirits.


We’ve brought in Novo’s Rwanda Nyamagabe. You’ll find notes of grape, dark chocolate, and almond butter in this full bodied coffee. Novo brews all of their single serve with the Kalita Wave using a 1:17 ratio (1 gram of coffee and 17 of water). They recommend brewing this coffee on the Chemex with roughly a 1:15 ratio, trying to replicate a full immersion brew. Their Head Roaster, Erich Rosenberg placed 5th in the finals of United States Brewers Cup in 2016 using this recipe. If you’d like to try before you buy we’d be more than happy to brew up a cup for you. This coffee will go fast so make sure to get here soon to secure your bag!

Visions In Focus Roaster: Honor Society Coffee

We’re super stoked to share this Visions In Focus roaster with our customers! Our guest hometown roaster this month is Honor Society Coffee. Not only do they provide the community with delicious coffee they also offer a variety of services like equipment repair, consulting, and educational classes. You can order their coffee by the bag or sign up for a subscription online and for the month of April grab some from the Visions showroom in SODO! Their love for the craft shines through in this delicious coffee.

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All Hands Blend is “A mix of sunny single-varietals from Central and South America, selected for delicate sweetness, inviting acidity, and ripe fruit. Versatile as espresso or brewed coffee, perfect for bringing folks together.” Sounds like this blend would make a great cold brew!