Visions In Focus Roaster: Variety Coffee

Variety Coffee Roasters is our latest Visions In Focus Roaster. You may have seen their coffee at our booth at SCAA in Atlanta this year! Variety got it’s start in 2008 with a team of extremely talented and passionate coffee professionals. Elliot from Variety says “With an ever-increasing dedication quality, our endeavor is to ethically source the world’s rarest and most unique green coffees. Working hand in hand with producers, we continually strive towards providing you with a precision roasted perfect cup.” Get a taste of the east coast at our Seattle showroom.



Peru San Fernando:
This certified organic coffee is grown by various small producers in the Cusco province of Peru. The typica and caturra varietals are brought to the San Fernando co-operative for processing. Their fully washed process includes an 18-22 hour fermentation in concrete tanks and 8-10 hours of drying on patio. This ultra sweet coffee is accompanied by a wonderfully rich body.

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