Visions In Focus Roaster: Novo Coffee

It’s time for a new Visions In Focus roaster! We have a limited supply of Denver’s very own Novo Coffee that you can purchase directly from our Seattle showroom. Novo operates three retail locations in Denver that showcase full menus of custom seasonal drinks, Single Origin Espressos, Nitro Cold Brew, Beer, Wine and Spirits.


We’ve brought in Novo’s Rwanda Nyamagabe. You’ll find notes of grape, dark chocolate, and almond butter in this full bodied coffee. Novo brews all of their single serve with the Kalita Wave using a 1:17 ratio (1 gram of coffee and 17 of water). They recommend brewing this coffee on the Chemex with roughly a 1:15 ratio, trying to replicate a full immersion brew. Their Head Roaster, Erich Rosenberg placed 5th in the finals of United States Brewers Cup in 2016 using this recipe. If you’d like to try before you buy we’d be more than happy to brew up a cup for you. This coffee will go fast so make sure to get here soon to secure your bag!

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